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Sabian HHX 11402XN 14" Stage Hats

Brand: Sabian


Item: #210173
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Hot, simmering darkness is the sound of HHX. With its 'Tone Projection' design, this 'Modern Dark' cymbal shoots its tone through the music around it. Darker, dryer, dirtier, funkier... only HHX delivers darkness with such efficiency.Groove HatsFunky feel and simmering blend of retro tone and crisp definition is ideal for grooving.13"  11389XN14"  11489XN15"  11589XNStage HatsBright, crisp response is highly versatile, with clean sticking when closed, and a solid wash of sound when open.13"  11302XN14"  11402XNPower HatsTight stick response, crisp pedal-chick, and loud volume add up to a punchy pairing with powerful penetration.14"  11403XNManhattan Jazz HatsWith increased sensitivity and response, this pairing combines hot, low undertones and 'Tone Projection' highs for simmering articulation.13"  11393XN14"  11493XNX-celerator HatsWith an 'Air Wave' bottom eliminating airlock and boosting articulation and crispness, this pairing delivers simmering sounds at all volumes.13"  11302XL14"  11402XL15"  11502XL


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"Sabian HHX 11402XN 14"" Stage Hats"
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