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Sabian Hand Hammered 11067 10" China Kang

Brand: Sabian


Item: #210164
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Sabian's Hand Hammered series cymbals are tonally rich with a dark, musically complex tone, offering the ultimate in vintage dark sounds. Individually crafted, each cymbal has a unique personality that lets you find your own one-of-a-kind sound in a selection of models for every style, from jazz to rock.

Hand Hammered China Kang
Micro-sized models respond with a raw, tight combination of chinese and splash. The sound is ’kang'.
8"   10867
10" 11067

Hand Hammered Mini Chinese
Small, rapid-response model delivers with volume and short abrasive punch.
12"  11216
14"  11416

Hand Hammered Thin Chinese
Totally hand hammered twice, for a response that is raw, dark, fast, and biting. Very oriental.
18"  11853

Hand Hammered Chinese
Raw in response with dark, musical overtones. Effective for riding, accents, crashing, and effects.
16"  11616
18"  11816
20"  12016

Hand Hammered Dark Chinese
Deep, dark and trashy response is big and warm, with a tonal quality steeped in oriental flavor.
20"  12070


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