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Sabian AAX 21616X 16" Chinese

Brand: Sabian


Item: #SPC06402
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With its 'Dynamic Focus' design ensuring total response accuracy and modern bright, shimmering sounds at all volume levels, AAX gives you control in any style of music. Touch it... thrash it. Only AAX delivers such consistently crisp, clear responses.

Mini Chinese
Aggressive accenting power in the form of cutting, raw-edged attack and quick decay rate.
12"   21216X
14"   21416X

Bright, biting response is big, trashy, and brash.
16"   21616X
18"   21816X
20"   22016X

X-treme Chinese
Extremely fast, with a raw and ripping sound that cuts with oriental punch and focused power.
15"   21586X
17"   21786X
19"   21986X


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