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Ron Vaughn MBELL-5B Medium Bell Mallets, Birch Shafts

Brand: Ron Vaughn


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The Ron Vaughn MBELL-5B Medium Bell Mallets feature 13" x 3/16 " diameter with matched and balanced birch shafts. The mallet head is made of a 1/2" solid brass.

MBell-5's are designed for playing bells/glockenspiels. The MBell-5's have 1/2 inch solid brass heads. These professional bell mallets produce brilliant sound on bells where clarity of sound and projection are the goals. Shafts for these mallets are all hand picked and matched, as with all Ron Vaughn Mallets. The weight of the brass heads provides excellent density for drawing the full tonal range from bell keyboard bars.

The MBell-5's remain a standard best seller in Ron's Petite collection. Like all of Ron's Petite and High Density mallets, the MBell-5's can be heard on countless motion picture sound tracks and recordings, and in most all styles of music.

Consistent and reliable in their sound production on all types of keyboard bells, MBell-5's are trusted by professional players everywhere.

Performance tip: When bell parts call for very soft playing and the ensemble dynamic is also very soft, consider using Ron's TBell-1's to deliver the most sensitive, clear bell melodies and harmonies at their softest dynamics. Players, particularly younger less experienced players, will find it much easier to control their sound and deliver excellent performances.


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"Ron Vaughn MBELL-5B Medium Bell Mallets, Birch Shafts"
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