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Remo Rhythm Lid 20mm Dark Drum Head with Free Bucket

Brand: West


MSRP: $67.00

Item: #263985
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Need a Remo Rhythm Lid and a 5-gallon bucket?  Look no further, we've packaged them already for you for the price of just the lid!

The Remo Rhythm Lid RP-2013-71-SD099 20mm 'Dark' Drumhead is designed to fit most US made pails or buckets.  The pre-tuned Rhythm Lid is constructed with a Skyndeep head and an Acousticon shell.  The sound of the 'dark" drumhead resembles a lower tonality, like a low floor tom or if you add the Remo Snare Clip HK-2224-10 #263277 the sound will resemble a field drum!

The West Music white 5-gallon bucket is perfect for your Rhythm Lid and stick storage!

To apply the drumhead to the bucket use a slight downward pressure creating a “Press Fit” seal that allows the drumhead to fit snugly on your bucket.


Can be played with drumsticks, mallets, or hands. 

Rhythm Lid specifications:

  • Model: RP-2015-71-SD099
  • Thickness: 20mm – Dark
  • Size: 13”(w) x 2”(h)

5-gallon bucket specifications:

  • color-white
  • wire bale and plastic grip
  • height=14.5"
  • top diameter=11.87"


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