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Remo Fiberskyn 3 HD-8522-00 22" Pre-Tuned Frame Drum

Brand: Remo


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Remo Fiberskyn 8500 series frame drums come pre-tuned and provide excellent projection and enhanced low end fundamentals. The patented ACOUSTICON shell creates the same tonal characteristics found on more traditional wooden frame drums. This 22 inch Fiberskyn 8500 frame drum gives a fantastic warm, authentic frame drum sound with plenty of overtones and tek tones.

These drums are lightweight, durable and weather resistant making them extremely low maintenance. Perfect for classroom percussionists or the weekend "drum-circler".

Frame drums originated in the Middle East and are among some of the earliest known drums. Traditionally, frame drums are played with the fingers striking the edge of the drum. This produces the familiar "tak" tone. The drums can also be played with a soft mallet or even by being held between the knees, like a bongo.

Available in six sizes:

  • 8" (Item 200925)
  • 10" (Item 200926)
  • 12" (Item 200927)
  • 14" (Item 200928)
  • 16" (Item 200929)
  • 22" (Item 200930)

Also available as a set of 6 -- Item 200924



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