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Remo 50 Series TU-0512-09 26 x 12" Pre-Tuned Tubano, Tropical Leaf

Brand: Remo


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Remo 50 Series pre-tuned Tubano drums are an excellent option for your music classroom, therapy session, or virtually any drumming situation! They feature a Skyndeep® head for an authentic ethnic drum sound. However, the tone of pre-tuned Tubanos can not be changed, so several drums of the same size may have slightly different pitches. The Remo 50 Series Tubanos also feature an Acousticon® shell that is made of 99.9% recycled wood materials. This means that they will withstand climate changes, exuberant playing, and will be a long-lasting addition to your percussion collection.


Additional features of the Remo 50 Series pre-tuned Tubanos include:

  • Attached carrying handle
  • Molded feet to provide comfort while playing from a sitting position, as well as balance to prevent unwanted tilting
  • Available in three head diameter sizes: 10” for the highest tone, 12” for a medium tone, and 14” for the lowest tone; all are 26” in height
  • Available only in Tropical Leaf finish


Remo recommends the following Skyndeep® replacement heads:

10” Mondo MM-2514-SD099 (item number 262033)

12” Mondo MM-2512-SD099 (item number 262032)

14” Mondo MM-2510-SD099 (item number 262031)


Remo recommends the following Fiberskyn® replacement heads:

10” Mondo Type 3 MM-2014-F4 (item number 253715)

12” Mondo Type 3 MM-2012-F4 (item number 253714)

14” Mondo Type 3 MM-2010-F4 (item number 253713)



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"Remo 50 Series TU-0512-09 26 x 12"" Pre-Tuned Tubano, Tropical Leaf"
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