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Remo 25 x 14" Key-Tuned Djembe, Adinkra

Brand: Remo


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By Remo. Tunable djembe - Adinkra design finish. The djembe is the former "long distance phone" of West Africa. In Africa, the djembe now functions as a "healing" drum, used in many ceremonies, from weddings to funerals. Presently the djembe is the most popular African drum played in Europe. Based on the traditional djembe tone and form, combined with Remo's modern advances, these drums have a wide tonal range with crystal clear heights and a rich deep bass sound. Replacement heads can be special ordered. The Acousticon shell is manufactured from recycled hardwood fibers and is unaffected by climatic changes; the Skyndeep head gives an outstanding authentic ethnic drum sound.

Replacement Heads: Remo has recommended the following -
12" Fiberskyn 3 Type 2 Mondo Head model number MO-2512-FA (Item 253404)
14" Fiberskyn 3 Type 2 Mondo Head model number MO-2514-FA (Item 253405)
16" Fiberskyn 3 Type 2 Mondo Head model number MO-2516-FA (Item 257425)



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Remo Leon Mobley Key-Tuned Djembes - Adinkra Finish
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