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Remo 10" Valencia Samba Choro Pandeiro, 10" x 1.75", Key-Tuned

Brand: Remo


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Item: #203865
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Remo's Valencia Series Samba Choro Pandeiro features a single row of five triple set chrome plated jingles. The Samba Choro Pandeiro is constructed with an Acousticon shell and a key-tuned Goat Brown graphic Skyndeep Ultratac drumhead which produces rich, low tones.

The replaceable, Skydeep drumhead features Remo's Ultratac technology, giving the Samba Choro Pandeiro an enhanced sound, attractive look and animal-like texture.
Weighing in at only 530 grams, the lightweight Valencia Samba Choro Pandeiro minimizes fatigue making it ideal for traditional Brazilian Samba applications.

Available in a beautifully finished antique wood grain stain finish.

Size: 10" x 1.75"


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