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Remo 10" Valencia Choro Pandeiro, 10" x 1.75", Key-Tuned

Brand: Remo


MSRP: $228.50

Item: #203993
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Remo's Valencia Series Choro Pandeiro features a low bass fundamental with a unique combination of articulated, high pitched, jingle sounds. The Choro Pandeiro is constructed with an Acousticon shell, a key-tuned Goat Brown graphic Skyndeep Ultratac drumhead and a four combo set of jingles in five slots.

The "Sizzle Zil" design features a combination of satin brass and German silver convex jingles with a flat stainless steel chrome-plated disc sitting in between.

Weighing in at only 540 grams, the lightweight Valencia Choro Pandeiro minimizes fatigue making it ideal for traditional Brazilian Samba applications.

Available in a beautifully finished antique wood grain stain finish.

Size: 10" x 1.75"


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