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ProMark Ken Stensgaard Marimba Mallets

Brand: ProMark

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MSRP: $50.00


MSRP: $50.00

Item: #258372

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MSRP: $46.95

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ProMark Ken Stensgaard Marimba  Mallets

These mallets were designed with Kai Stensgaard for the solo marimbist, but also work well for concert and ensemble playing.  Utilizing rubber cores with a layer of latex and a wool blend wrap, these mallets are very durable without sacraficing tone.  The KS6 model is a unique Shaker mallet, providing a full shaker tone with each stroke.  Birch Shafts.

KS1 Soft (Yellow Band)
KS2 Medium Soft (Red Band)
KS3 Medium (Lt Blue Band)
KS4 Medium Hard (White Band)
KS5 Hard (Dark Blue Band)
KS6 Shaker Mallets


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