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Pearl Philharmonic PHB-1440 14x4 Brass Snare Drum

Brand: Pearl


MSRP: $1,300.00

Item: #213205
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The Pearl Philharmonic PHB-1440 14x4 Brass Snare Drum offers the highest frequency response in the Philharmonic Series with a bright ringing tone that rises above the ensemble and speaks easily. The 1.5mm thick brass shells have a bright, highly focused, well balanced tone perfect for situations needing more volume and projection. The PHB drums all feature single flange hoops. The PHB-1440 piccolo depth is a straight brass shell to accommodate the shorter tube lug standoffs.


  • 1.5mm Brass Shell - Highest pitch response of all the Philharmonic drums with a bright ringing tone that soars without being choked or forced.
  • SR-500 Triad Snare Strainer - Silent snare throw provides 3 individual snare adjusters allowing for optimal fine tuning of each snare material. A global adjuster is used on the butt side for quick overall adjustments.
  • Graduated Tension Snares - Allow seamless timbral overlapping across a greatly extended dynamic and sensitivity range.
  • Vintage Snare Beds - Allow maximum head contact with the wrap around snare units.
  • Tube Lugs - Classic Style and professional performance lugs allow the maximum shell resonance.
  • Single Flange Rims - The lightest rim option for the fastest tonal response and highest overtone projection from all head types.
  • Remo Renaissance Heads - Diplomat weight head with accurate concert tone and sensitivity.


Stock Snare Assembly                       Description

S-068SGT                                             14” 8 strand Stainless Steel cable, Graduated Tension for SR-500

S-052                                                     14" 6 Strand Light Cable w/cord

S-068S                                                  14" 8 strand Stainless Steel cable, Even Tension for SR-500


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Pearl Philharmonic Brass Snare Drums (Pearl Philharmonic PHB-1440 14x4 Brass Snare Drum)
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