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Pearl *Demo* Symphonic SYP-1465-138 14x6.5 Concert Snare Drum

Brand: Pearl


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DEMO MODEL:  This instrument has been opened and typically used by an artist or group at a clinic or performance event (i.e. a State Educator show, or Industry Trade show booth. )  The instruments have not been previously owned, and with very few exceptions, are in original packaging.  All DEMO models instruments still carry the full manufacturer’s warranty - but at a lower cost to compensate for the limited usage.   All specifications and details are identical to the brand new versions.


The Pearl Symphonic SYP-1465-138 14x6.5 Snare Drum provides a highly versatile instrument to the modern performer. These drums were developed exclusively for the concert hall and feature Pearls Exclusive 6 ply Maple SST shell construction.


The heart and soul of the SYP Symphonic Series is the proprietary SR-300 Multi-Timbre Snare Strainer system that functions like 3 individually controlled throw-offs. Each of the 3 levers of the SR-300 strainer system controls 6 strands of either Snappy wire, wound cable, or heavy coated cable. Individual tension knobs provide an additional layer of tone control for uncompromising tuning accuracy and control.


  • 6 ply, 7.5MM 100% Maple Shell - Maple is the ideal choice for a concert snare due to its range of frequency response and warmth in sound quality.
  • Antique Sunburst Finish - A timeless, classic look with the natural wood grain showing through the high gloss finish.
  • SR-300 Multi-Timbre Snare Strainer - Multi-timbre strainer system with 3 levers for individual snare assembly control.
  • Symphonic Snares - One each: 6 strand lay-on assemblies of Snappy wire, wound cable, and heavy coated cable.
  • Tube Lugs - Classic Style and professional performance lugs allow the maximum shell resonance.
  • Mastercast Hoops - Die-cast hoops for the most accurate tuning at higher concert range tensions.
  • Remo Renaissance Heads - Diplomat weight head with accurate concert tone and sensitivity.


Snare Assembly            Description

S-051                            14” 6 strand Snappy lay-on wire w/cord

S-052                            14” 6 strand light wound lay-on cable w/cord

S-053                            14” 6 strand Heavy Blue lay-on cable w/cord



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