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Patterson SR-18 Stainless Regular 18 Strand Snare Assembly

Brand: Patterson


MSRP: $80.00

Item: #255421
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Patterson Snares drastically reduce the annoying slap and buzz of old wire coils from 80% to 90%!
Greater Surface Contact
Wires only produce sound where the point of the coil actually touches the head. (No sound is produced by the empty coil space.) That translates to only 3-4 inches of surface contact on a typical set of wires. Patterson Snares lay against the entire surface of the bottom head, providing 14 to 23 feet of continuous head coverage. That represents 80 times the head contact of wires for greater sensivity and projection.
Guaranteed For Life.*
Patterson Snares are not mounted in cheap glue or plastic. They are guaranteed to never pull loose or break!
Best of All-The Sound!
For every style of playing, Patterson Snares articulate clearly at all dynamic levels. When needed, they provide unbelievable power!

Power Stainless 18 strand: Most popular choice for symphonic or drum set. Thinner than blue, these cables increase sensitivity while the extra wide strand produces unbelievable power. Brighter sound than coated cables. Best used on drums having snare beds. LIFETIME WARRANTY


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Patterson SR-18 Stainless Regular 18 Strand Snare Assembly
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