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Overseas Connection G731B Boat Bell

Brand: Overseas Connection


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The boat bell is a small, ship shaped, iron hand bell with an iron striker rod. This traditional bell, called "atoke" in Ghana, is made in Togo and Ghana by blacksmiths using hand bellows and rudimentary forges. Traditionally, it would be used to mark the beat in many ceremonies and plays an important part in many percussion ensembles. This bell is useful for dancers to emphasize movements, or musicians to accentuate a rhythm. Experiment to discover the different sounds you can achieve! Since the bells are handmade, size will vary; the length is usually about 8".


Please note: this bell will be prone to rust, due to the material used and the climate in which it is stored. To remove any rust build-up, the manufacturer recommends using 0000 steel wool (very fine steel wool) - rub it over the bell for a few seconds and then wipe the bell off with a soft cloth. About 2 minutes per bell is all that is needed to remove any surface rust, but be aware that a reddish tone may remain on the bell (this is not harmful in any way). Alternately, the bell can be painted to prevent rust.

It is NOT recommended to rub oil on the surface of the bell to prevent the rust, since residual oil can stain clothing and hands when the bell is played. If oil is used, be sure to use a very small amount and wipe it off well once it has been applied.


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