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Mike Balter Pro Vibe 23R Medium Rattan Vibe Mallets

Brand: Mike Balter


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Our Perspective

I am a huge fan of the Balter Pro Vibe mallets! Specifically, I really enjoy the Medium Blue (23R) for all-around playing as well as the Medium-Hard Green (22R) for effortless articulation. If you are going to be playing a lot of vibes, I would definitely recommend having these mallets in your stick bag.  –Adam

The Mike Balter Pro Vibe 23R Medium Rattan Vibe Mallets are the perfect general vibe mallets. These mallets work on the full range of the vibraphone.

The Mike Balter Pro Vibe Series carries on a heritage of performance and reliability with a distinctive style. The heavier, round shaped cord wound mallet head provides the preferred vibe sound. Ready to impress in any situation, the Pro Vibe Series with its ideal weight and balance is the all-around choice for today's player.


Shafts: Rattan

Hardness: Medium

Blue Cord

Head Diameter: 1 1/2”

Overall Length: 15 1/2”


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Mike Balter Pro Vibe 23R Medium Blue Cord - Rattan
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