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Mike Balter Drew Tucker DT1 Vibraphone Mallets

Brand: Mike Balter


MSRP: $70.00

Item: #263230
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The Mike Balter Drew Tucker DT1 Vibraphone Mallets were created to produce a full articulate tone without losing the fundamental.

It has a bright, eye catching color, with a larger head, offering a perfect weight to bring out the full, dark, multi-tonal sound that can be accessed throughout all ranges of the keyboard. Made to meet the demanding needs of playing solo in front of a grooving rhythm section.

The Drew Tucker DT1 is the ideal vibe mallet for any type of playing.


Hardness: Medium Hard

Handle Material: Rattan

Head Shape: Mushroom

Head Color: Orange

Trim Color: Orange

Head Style: Cord

Head Diameter: 1 15/16"

Overall Length: 15 3/4"


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