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Marimba One 9904 Soloist 5 Oct Marimba Basso Bravo Resonators, Traditional Keyboard

Brand: Marimba One


MSRP: $16,150.00

Item: #217419
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The Marimba One 9904 Soloist 5 Octave Marimba features the acoustic combination of Marimba One’s Basso Bravo Resonators and Traditional Keyboard voicing. The Basso Bravo Resonator Voicing dramatically turns up the volume on the bass end of the marimba. Basso Bravo resonators produce a warmer, darker, and louder bass sound. Matched with our Traditional keyboard, the acoustics on this marimba are an excellent choice for any serious marimba player.

The Soloist’s Wood Frame is Marimba One’s premium concert marimba. It is a classic, beautiful instrument with an all wood frame that we custom build precisely to your height specifications. The frame is crafted entirely of wood and is ideal for use by an individual player as their signature marimba. Many orchestras also have our Soloist frames for performances because of the visual beauty.

Marimba One attaches the headboard to the frame with square rosewood pegs to lock together the traditional mortise and tenon joints. The bass end frame has tuning knobs for adjusting the resonators.

*Please specify height when ordering.


  • 5 Octave Rosewood Bars: C2-F7
  • Keyboard Type: Traditional Keyboard Voicing
  • Resonator Type: Basso Bravo Resonators
  • Bar Sizes: 2 7/8” – 1 5/8”
  • Resonator Color: Black (*Gold or Burgundy upgrade available)
  • Frame Wood: Mahogany Wood (*Cherry upgrade available)
  • 4” Diameter Casters (Two Locking)
  • Dimensions: 41.5” Deep x 100.5” Length

*For upgraded pricing, please contact us at service@percussionsource.com




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