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Malletech Chamber Series CH4 Soft Marimba Mallets

Brand: Malletech


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The Malletech Chamber Series CH4 Soft Marimba Mallets are great for smooth rolling and robust bass sounds. These mallets are perfect for chorales.

These mallets are perfect for chamber music settings in which the performer sometimes needs to project above the other instruments, and at other times, blend with them. A wide range of tonal colors and articulations can be drawn from the synthetic yarn and winding techniques used to craft these mallets. The balance between head weight and shaft length produces an unusually good feel. The Chamber Series (a.k.a. "Purple Mallet Series") attracts attention for both its looks and sound.


Handles: Birch

Core Type: 1 1/8 in plastic ball

Layers: 1-2 layers of latex

Yarn: Purple Poly


55.0 (based on 1 customer reviews)


Malletech Chamber Marimba Mallets (Malletech CH4 Chamber Soft Marimba Mallets)
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