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Malletech BG2.6 2.6 Octave Infinity Glockenspiel w/ Birch Case

Brand: Malletech


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The Malletech G2.6 2.6 Octave Infinity Glockenspiel features old-formula 1-1/4" wide x 3/8" thick steel bars in a soild birch case. The bars are mounted on a patented three-point suspension system that features minute contact area that allows the bars to ring freely. The suspension system also features no screws or string to dampen resonance. The bars rest on a noise isolation system, which eliminates "thump" and has floating bar rails and neoprene and wool felt dividers.

The BG2.6 comes in an extra-deep birch case in a satin black finish for added resonance. The case has two "safety handles" to ensure case is always carried properly and removable bars that help prevent case damage. When traveling with this instrument you also receive a durable vinyl pouch that stores bars for transport.



Bars - 1-1/4" wide x 3/8" thick

Range - 2.6 octaves, 34 notes, F-D

Pitch - A=442 standard, other tuning options available

Width - 24" low end, 10" high end

Length - 34" with handles

Depth - 5-1/2"

Weight - approximately 56 pounds

Material - Solid birch case and bar rails

Finish - Satin black finish

Durable vinyl pouch stores bars for transport

Keyboard - High carbon steel


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