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Majestic B3525S 2.5 Oct Orchestra Bells

Brand: Majestic


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The Majestic B3525S Orchestra Bells feature 2.5 octaves of high carbon steel bars mounted on a single bin bar system. This innovative single pin mounting bar that produces a brighter and clearer tone, making them the leading choice among musicians. This model also features a deeper wood case that produces tremendous resonance and sustain.


Orchestra Bells: B3525S

Octave: 2.5

Range:  G5 - C8

Bar: Steel

Bar Size: 32mm

Pitch: A = 442 Hz

Length: 81.5 cm

Width (low end) : 51.8 cm

(High end): 28.6 cm

Height: 12.4 cm

Weight: 21 kg


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