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LP LP813-BN 13" Black Nickel Drumset Timbale

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Combining the drumset with traditional timbales has become the norm rather than the exception. The reasons are many. When playing reggae, for example, the drummer can keep a loosely tensioned snare and strike timbales for the signature staggered-triplet rimshots—a timbre impossible to obtain from a loosely-tuned snare drum. For songo, the timbales inject authentic sounds and help the drummer emulate the sound of a complete percussion section—the same applies for mambo choruses, cha cha cha, and other Afro-Cuban styles. For players of world music, timbales contribute a distinct tone and offer a more defined pitch than double-headed drumkit toms.

And now the fly in the ointment: Most timbales come in pairs that are not designed with the drumset in mind—in terms of height, expanse or even tuning (traditional timbales are tuned with a wrench). Latin Percussion has designed new LP Drumset Timbales, with shallower shells constructed from high carbon plated-steel available in two sizes and depths. The tubular lugs allow ample space for cascara playing—drumstick against metal shell walls. Of course, those same reduced-depth shells encourage a wider variety of placement options. The LP Drumset Timbales emit clear, pitched tones that segue nicely into the drummer’s high toms, while head diameters of 12” and 13” occupy less real estate, allowing the drummer to sneak the drums—or just a single timbale—into places where “regular” timbales would not fit. And then there’s the killer rimshot, a stake to the heart of the Marshall stack guitarist. Steel shells provide the maximum sustain, brightness and clarity and will stand up to heavy, street sticks—thanks, in part, to standard flanged drumset rims.

Offered in two sizes, 12” and 13”, and two depths, 4” and 5½”, LP Drumset Timbales are the answer to drummers who have been modifying conventional toms and roto-tom style drums for decades. Conveniently, they are offered individually. Take heed that while LP Drumset Timbales may be slightly reduced in size, they are by no means “mini timbales” but, rather, speak in full tones to complement snare, toms and kick drum.

Extra convenience: new LP Drumset Timbales come with a mount that accommodates a variety of rods and tom holders. Tuning is accomplished, blessedly, with a standard drum key! No more fumbling for the right wrench! Note: 4” deep shells are black nickel plated. 5 ½” shells are chrome plated.


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Latin Percussion LP813-BN 13" Black Nickel Drumset Timbale
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