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LP LP1430 Mario Cortes Soul Cajon

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The cajon has rapidly become the go-to choice for percussionists seeking a full range of tonalities and expressiveness within a single instrument. Under the hands of a skilled player a cajon can be an entire rhythm section unto itself. Such an instrument is the new LP Soul Cajon (LP1430).

Created by Spanish master cajon maker Mario Cortés, the Soul Cajon is designed in the Flamenco style. Instead of a loose striking plate, a Flamenco cajon employs a set of internal wires to add high-frequency crispness and definition to the low fundamental tone produced by the body of the cajon. The wires within the Soul Cajon are fully adjustable by means of an Allen screw on the bottom.

The front striking panel is made of Finnish birch with reinforcing modern composite material to create a responsive playing surface with an attractive appearance. It is glued and screwed to the top, bottom, and sides of the cajon for rigidity and durability. With an overall size of 11-¾" x 11-¾" x 19", it features specially cut corners on the top and bottom. These corners, in turn, create a uniquely shaped rear panel that provides added punch and a more focused and articulate bass sound.

The Soul Cajon by Mario Cortés is finished in a rich, dark lacquer with lighter-colored highlights, giving it the appearance of a fine classical instrument.


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Latin Percussion LP1430 Mario Cortes Soul Cajon
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