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Lost Souls



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Using instrumentation found in most high school situations, "Lost Souls" is based on a simple original theme that goes through several transformations, moods and textures. Even though only 5 players are utilized, the piece is still very powerful.

Composer notes: Lost Souls was borne of a requirement for my doctoral comprehensive exams to write a 3-1/2 minute high school level percussion quintet using only instruments that would commonly be found in most high school situations. I started with a simple theme that would gradually go through many different transformations and texture changes.

Percussion 1 (bells)
Percussion 2 (chimes, xylophone)
Percussion 3 (wind chimes, tam-tam, low tom-tom, suspended cymbal)
Percussion 4 (bass drum, snare drum, triangle)
Percussion 5 (timpani (4 drums))


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