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Jamtown J202 Goat Hoof Rattles, Pair

Brand: Jamtown


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Pair of traditional goat hoof shakers from Bolivia; produces a big, dry sound. The agricultural communities of Bolivia depend on the goat as a main source of food, both dairy and meat. As their ancestors did before them, the villagers cleverly apply all available resources to their daily existence. The hooves of the goats are clipped from milking herds and are then boiled and strung together on a fabric band to create ankle and hand rattles (fabric colors and clasp/strap style  will vary). Traditionally used as an ornament of dancers, a popular accompaniment to pan flute music, and to keep the beat in songs. To play the rattles, hold in your hand and swing using short arm motions. Alternately, grab some or most of the hooves to muffle the shake, then release for a louder SHAKE! Experiment to discover the unique characteristics of your rattles. Priced per pair.


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