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Innovative Percussion Thomas Burritt TB4 Medium Hard Ramin Marimba Mallets

Brand: Innovative Percussion


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The Innovative Percussion Thomas Burritt TB4 Medium Hard Marimba Mallets were designed specifically for the upper 3 octaves of the marimba, the TB4 features a quick but legato attack. The Thomas Burritt series marimba mallets feature synthetic cores built on ramin handles and are loosely wrapped with a unique, very soft yarn.

 The feel of ramin handles is in between birch and rattan. They have a little more flexibility than a birch handle but not as much as rattan. 

Perfectly weighted, all three elements contribute to a superior look and feel, allowing the player to subtly control timbre and minimizing attack.  These elements help draw the listener’s attention to the sustain of the bar.  Whether you’re performing Bach or modern literature and all styles in between, these tools offer an amazing range of sound possibilities. 


  • Hardness: Medium Hard
  • Synthetic Cores
  • Ramin Handles with classic walnut stain
  • Loosely wrapped withy unique, very soft yarn to minimize attack



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