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Innovative Percussion Field Series TS-1 Hickory Multi Tenor Sticks

Brand: Innovative Percussion


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The Innovative Percussion Field Series TS-1 Hickory Multi Tenor Sticks is designed to meet the playing needs of today's multi-tom player.  The TS-1 features a larger bead for a full, warm tone quality. The length, substantially shorter than a traditional snare drums stick, is designed to better facilitate proper multi-tom playing technique. To provide a balanced feel to the player, IP has encorporated a unique "fulcrum notched" gripping area, which makes the stick feel as though it were standard mallet in the hand. This unique design also aids in teaching young players proper technique and fulcrum placement. The TS-1 multi-tom drumstick is the perfect addition to any multi-tom player's array of implements, and will give today's highly competitive indoor drum line's a much needed and deserved alternative.



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Innovative Percussion Field TS-1 Hickory Multi-Tom Sticks
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