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Impressions of Chinese Opera



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Impressions of Chinese Opera is a percussion duo by Gene Koshinski. This piece has three movements:
I. Chang he Zuo (Singing and Dancing)
II. Nian (Dialogue)
III. Da (Martial Arts)


Notes from the composer: This piece depicts the four major elements of Chinese Opera: Singing, Dancing, Dialogue, and Martial Arts. By fusing together Chinese and Western percussion instruments, playing techniques, and compositional methods, a hybrid sound is created – a representation of "East meets West." While some of the musical material is closely related to actual practices in Chinese Opera, the work itself should only be considered an impression of the art form from an "outsider's" perspective.




Player 1: Marimba, Opera Gong, Piccolo Woodblock, Crotales, 3 Chinese Drums (shared), Bass Drum (shared), Jing Cymbals, Timpano, Chinese Board

Player 2: Tunes Pipes, 3 Chinese Drums (shared), Chinese Cymbals, Jing Cymbals, Chinese Gong, Crotales, Timpano, Mark Tree


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