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Hand Drumming Essentials



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Hand Drumming Essentials
The Instruments, Techniques and Compositions for Ensemble Performance
By Cheryl Grosso
Book and CD
55 pages
Middle School and up

All the information you need to begin and maintain your own hand drumming ensemble! Includes an introduction to instruments of the hand drumming ensemble and exotic world percussion instruments, performance and rehearsal techniques, and the development of drumming techniques and compositions for performance.

The book offers 7 ready-to-play original compositions (Rhythm Chants) at a variety of levels, comprehensive instructional materials (with instructions for the non-percussionist educator), and extensive cross-curricular and multicultural applications. Meets and exceeds the U.S. National Standards for Rhythmic Improvisation.

The CD gives the player the opportunity to hear examples of the different instruments and techniques presented in the book. The player can listen to different types of tones, strokes and rhythms associated with each instrument and also play along at a practice tempo-but then can test oneself at the performance tempo.

A companion book of ensembles is available separately (805121).

Introduction to Hand Drumming: Benefits of a Hand Drumming Ensemble, Instruments of the Hand Drumming Ensemble & How Each Functions.

Instruments of the Hand Drumming Ensemble: Table of Instruments, Care & Maintenance, Tuning.

Performance Techniques: General Principles, Body Position, Barrel-Shaped Drums - Quinto/ Conga/Tumba (Playing Position, Basic Stroke Movement, Open Tone, Bass Tone, Slap Tone, Damp Tone, Filler Tones), Additional Drums of the Ensemble (Bongos, Surdo, Timbales, Log Drums), Accessory Percussion (Agogo & Gankogui, Wood Agogo, Axaste, Basket Shakers [Caxixi], Cowbell, Guiro, Nuts & Nails, Tamborim, Tambourine, Toke, Triangle, Tube Shakers), Marimba (Grip, Strokes).

Rehearsal Techniques: Instrument Demonstrations, Approaches to Learning Individual Parts, Rehearsal Organization (Setup, Drum Tuning, Warming Up, Tone Production, The First Rehearsal), Rehearsal Goals, Additional Rehearsal Activities, Improvisation Activities.

Development of Hand Drumming Technique: Tone Production Exercises, Warm-up Exercises, Dexterity Exercises, Conga Patterns - Bossa Nova/ Samba/ Rock/ Swing.

Appendix: Compositions for Performance - General Performance Instructions (Introduction, Instrumentation, Musical Considerations, Setup), About Notation, Rhythm Chant 1, Rhythm Chant 8, Rhythm Chant C & R, Rhythm Chant GG, Rhythm Chant Momo Ado, Rhythm Chant S-2, Rhythm Chant SM/FB.


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