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Grover TB-BS Tubular Brass Triangle Beater Set (3)

Brand: Grover


Item: #262359
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The Grover TB-BS Tubular Brass Triangle Beater Set includes one of each of the tubular brass beaters. These beaters were designed for pronounced overtone production, our brass tubular triangle beaters will enhance the sound of any triangle! The wall of the 2-1/4-inch long brass alloy head is extra thick with added weight, important to produce a sonorous shimmer immediately upon impact. Our annealed brass alloy is softer than other tubular beaters on the market, which minimizes the amount of unwanted surface impact sound. Each of the three models features an extra-long 9-5/8-inch alloy shaft that is coated with a special no-slip polymer.


Includes the following:


TB-B1    Orange                 1/4"       Lite

TB-B2    Green                   5/16”     Medium

TB-B3    Blue                       7/16”     Heavy


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