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Grover T2/HTC-X 10" X-Series Heat Treated Copper Double Row Tambourine w/Synth Head

Brand: Grover


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The Grover T2/HTC-X 10" X-Series Heat Treated Copper Double Row Tambourine features a Remo Renaissance synthetic head.  Perfect for playing during high heat and humidity situations, the heads on these new models are mounted tight and will remain tight regardless of atmospheric conditions! The Synthetic head tambourines sound nearly identical to their calf-head counterparts.


Orchestral percussionists asked us to create a dry tambourine with dark sonic focus. Our Heat-Treated Copper model fits the bill and gives percusssionists a tambourine that adds the darker hues to the orchestral palette of sound colors. This tambourine is dry and "crunchy" like Heat-Treated Silver, but has a darker sound profile.


*** Includes CTB tambourine bag and Roll Ring™! ***


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