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Grover T1/GS-12 12" Projection-Plus German Silver Single Row Tambourine

Brand: Grover


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The Grover T1/GS-12 12" Projection-Plus German Silver Single Row Tambourine features a solid hardwood shell with jingles that are mounted in a staggered, "double-row" arrangement so smooth rolls are effortless. The 100% captive jingle pins guarantee that the jingles will never loosen from the shell. Grover Projection-Plus tambourines are used by more symphonic percussionists than any other concert tambourine! Full bodied sonority throughout a wide dynamic spectrum.

 German Silver is Grover's  most popular alloy, German Silver resounds with a clear articulation that is bright, sensitive, and powerful. This versatile alloy is the choice of many classical players looking for a focused sparkle that's not too heavy in sound. The most popular choice for all-around playing requirements. This tambourine features a calf head.


*** Includes CTB tambourine bag and Roll Ring™! ***



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