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Grover PMA-A Musical Anvil, Pitches 1 & 3

Brand: Grover


Item: #204778
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Only from Grover Pro: The PMA-A  musical anvils created for professional percussionists! Unlike other anvils, ours are multi-tonal, capable of two distinct pitches plus a third "harmonic" sonority produced by striking on the center logo. A true Grover innovation, each Professional Musical Anvil comes with a sturdy hardwood mounting stand that is designed to allow the anvil to vibrate freely, resulting in maximum resonance. The wide 4-in playing surface facilitates execution of fast rhythmic passages. When played with our Dual-Tone Anvil Hammer, these instruments create metallic transients that can cut through any ensemble imaginable! They also sound great when played with a hard bell mallet, opening up the possibility of including these anvils in multi-percussion setups.

Casey Cangelosi says:

"Man, the anvils are freaking A M A Z I N G, I love them. They're just gorgeous, feel great to play, and respond incredibly to different mallets."


While each model functions perfectly as an individual idiophone, when the two models are used together the pitch alignment is:

  • Model PMA-A = pitches 1 & 3
  • Model PMA-B = pitches 2 & 4

(Pitches descend 1 to 4)




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