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Grover GSK-314-N 14x3 KeeGee Piccolo Snare Drum, Natural Lacquer

Brand: Grover


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The Grover Pro KeeGee GSK-314-N is a 14×3? super-piccolo snare drum that features a natural lacquer finish and possesses unparalleled sensitivity and snare clarity. The “KeeGee” moniker is taken from the soft orchestral percussion excerpt from “Lt. Kijé Suite” by Sergei Prokofiev. As top percussionists know, this difficult passage is required material on virtually every major symphony percussion audition. Many students and aspiring professionals spend hours perfecting this important excerpt. With our new KeeGee piccolo snare drum, this work is easier to play and more fun to practice!

Features include:

10-ply cross laminated maple shell

Single-point mini tube lugs

Non-spiral snare wires

Grover Piccolo throw-off

Triple-flange hoops

High-gloss finish

The extra shallow 10-ply maple shell facilitates snare response that extends down to ppp! Surprisingly, this drum also possesses a powerful “bite” when pushed to the upper dynamic limits! The effortless execution of soft passages is facilitated by the close proximity of our Grover Pro Performance Snare Wires to the upper playing surface.

Designed at the request of St. Louis Symphony Principal Percussionist Will James, this piccolo drum will serve as a highly valued addition to any snare drum collection!


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