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Grover BDM-DA-1 Dual Legato/Staccato Aluminum Handle Bass Drum Mallet

Brand: Grover


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The Grover BDM-DA-1 Aluminum Handle Dual Legato & Staccato Bass Drum Mallet features a comfortable 5/8-in diameter aluminum shaft with a finish that is easy to grip. One side of the mallet features the legato style head, and on the other it features a staccato head. These mallets are great for quick changes.

The weight of the aluminum handle will add more “punch” to your stroke, while bringing out more bottom end from any size drum.

Solid maple cores are covered with the finest German felt, which is hand-sewn over the core. The oblong heads produce a dense and rich sonority, yet provide focus when needed. Color labeling allows for quick model identification.


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