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Frank Epstein 7G Large Grenadillo Castanets

Brand: Frank Epstein


MSRP: $178.00

Item: #200383
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Only the finest materials and workmanship go into these concert-quality imported castanets. 

Rich black grenadillo. The centuries-old Hispanic craftsmanship demands and draws that these rare woods create the very best musical tone each has to offer.

Add to this old world artistry an exclusive handle design by Frank Epstein, and all the mastery of crisp, pure articulation is brought within the reach of every orchestra's percussionists.

Grenadillo castanets are available in three sizes: #5 (small), #6 (medium), and #7 (large).
Castanets sized #5 produce a high, bright, cutting sound.
Those in the #6 range are lower in pitch, with more mellowness to their tone,
The large #7 instruments have a rich, low pitch and prove especially useful in both very soft and very loud passages.

All castanets come with the exclusive Frank Epstein handle permanently mounted, for maximum control, rhythmic articulation, and beautiful tone.

Model: 7G 
Size: Large  (2 5/8" )
Material: Grenadillo
Other: Mounted on Frank Epstein handles


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Frank Epstein 7G Large Grenadillo Castanets
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