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Evans Strata 1000 CB4010S 40" Concert Bass Drum Head

Brand: Evans


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The Evans Strata 1000 CB4010S 40" Concert Bass Drum Head features a 10 mil single-ply film that offers a warm tone, a full-bodied sustain, and a mid-range attack that blends well with any orchestra.

Strata Concert Bass Heads are synthetic, with the appearance of calfskin. They hold pitch well with minimal fine tuning, and are full-bodied and open, with fantastic sustain and excellent projection. Carrying over the design principles of the Power Center snare heads for drum set, some Strata models include a central dot that deepens the low-end and removes the papery sound typical of large heads, without sacrificing resonance.


Finish: Calf Colored

Attack: Moderate

Tone: Warm

Sustain: Open

Feel: Soft

Durability: Moderate


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