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Evans MS1 BD22MS1W 22 Inch Marching Bass Drum Head, Smooth White

Brand: Evans


MSRP: $88.25

Item: #SPC22890
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This traditional, 10mil single-ply bass head gives bands the option to customize their sound with the damping system of their choice. Highly durable, yet priced for the budget conscious, these heads will project warm, musical tones indoors and outdoors.

Item #Evans Item #Description
252768BD16MS1W 16" MS1 White 
252773BD18MS1W 18" MS1 White 
252784BD20MS1W 20" MS1 White 
SPC22890BD22MS1W 22" MS1 White 
252811BD24MS1W 24" MS1 White 
252815BD26MS1W 26" MS1 White 
252817BD28MS1W 28" MS1 White 
252819BD30MS1W 30" MS1 White 
252821BD32MS1W 32" MS1 White


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Posted on May 13, 2015

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