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Cooperman DSW41-O Virginia Drummer Marching Drumstick "Outliers"

Brand: Cooperman

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In every run, there are some sticks that don’t have a pitch or weight mate, this term distinguishes them from true “seconds” which are sticks that are warped or have blemishes. These sticks are not Seconds, just no matched mate.

Your Percussion Source has acquired a very limited number of Cooperman "Outlier" Sticks. These are the same great sticks you've come to expect from Cooperman, but the pair you receive will not be pitch matched and/or weight matched. 

These are all marked as regular Cooperman’s would be, with names and model numbers, and are discretely marked “outlier” as well. They will also come without a sleeve.

We cannot sort these sticks to find a "close" match. As none of them naturally match.


The Cooperman #41 Virginia Drummer Persimmon Snare Drum Sticks are turned of the finest native woods at the Vermont shop, these sticks are individually hand finished and precision matched in pairs, first by weight and then by pitch, and decorated with traditional line designs.

 Cooperman concert and snare model drumsticks are made primarily of persimmon wood, an American domestic hardwood with close, straight grain, and great strength, weight and shock resistance. Persimmon wood has a wide range of color, from creamy white to dark blonde, with or without dark streaks.

Model: #41, Virginia Drummer

Wood: Persimmon

Length: 16-7/8”

Sold in Pairs


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