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Brand: Innovative Percussion


Item: #837376
Discontinued item - No longer available

By: Matthew W. Coley
For solo 5 octave Marimba

Circularity is the continuous and always rotating result of a conceptual creative process. The process began as an improvisation on marimba while having in mind the circular concept and techniques used in dance training. The original idea was to create a percussion keyboard trio that would be coupled with dancers (2004). After the performance of this version the process continued and the platform was expanded with more dancers, cello, piano, and found glass instruments (ie. Bottles, vases, bowls, plate glass, and bowls and marbles used by the dancers) (2006). After performances of this, I felt the work wanted to come back to its original origin and complete the circle as a solo work (2007). Another idea used in this work was the concept of one stable "circle" that is only altered by slight changes in layers and texture, while other smaller unstable "circles" connect this by expanding and altering their material more severely.


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