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Black Swamp TS3 Tambourine 10" German Silver, Single Row, Calf Head

Brand: Black Swamp


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These 10" double-row SoundArt tambourines were designed and tested in collaboration with percussionists from preeminent symphony orchestras. Many top professionals, students, world-class orchestras, and other musical organizations are choosing SoundArt Series(tm) Tambourines for their unequaled sound quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and superior design. A premium-quality skin head, or Remo Renaissance head, is mounted to a solid, steam-bent Ash shell, which is stained, lacquered, and polished to display the natural beauty of the wood. w. Excellent articulation and full sound. Captive jingle pins are mounted from the top of the shell, guaranteeing that the hand-hammered jingles can never fall out. Dual-size jingle slots make seamless shake rolls easy.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Includes 10" padded bag and beeswax

   10" Tambourine Models 

  TD1 Double row - Chromium 25
   TD2 Double row - Phosphor Bronze
   TD3 Double row - German Silver
   TD4 Double row - Beryllium Copper
   TC1 Double row - Chromium/Bronze mix
   TC2 Double row - Chromium/Silver mix
   TS1 Single row - Chromium 25
   TS3 Single row - German Silver
   TS4 Single row - Beryllium Copper


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