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Black Swamp TRITRIG Tony Di Sanza Triangle Trigger

Brand: Black Swamp


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Item: #262701
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The Black Swamp TRITRIG Tony Di Sanza Triangle Trigger was designed in collaboration with Anthony Di Sanza. This trigger system allows the triangle to be played without having to hold the instrument. The wide rubber band across the trigger allows you to product exceptional triangle sounds using sticks, mallets or hands. The Di Sanza Triangle Trigger isn't meant to replace holding and striking the triangle in a traditional manner, but provides a solution to performance situations where time won't allow it: musical theatre, multiple percussion, limited personnel.

The Triangle Trigger can be mounted to any existing straight stand, and is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, fitting up to a 9" triangle. The trigger system can be mounted to any cymbal stand or 3/8 posts like the ones used on the Black Swamp Multi-Plates.                                          

The rotating beater mount holds 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" beater diameters simultaneously. The angled orientation of the triangle and beater mounts creates the most optimal performance position.    


*Triangle not included.



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