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Black Swamp TriPlate

Brand: Black Swamp


MSRP: $113.00

Item: #262190
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The TriPlate is a triangular plate that can be mounted on a cymbal stand from 4 different points depending on its usage. One side of the plate has a series of hooks to hang items such as gongs, finger cymbals, and saucer bell sets. This side is especially useful for hanging larger gongs because the triangular design keeps the weight of the gong centered on the cymbal stand. The second side is a long open slot designed to hang almglocken with the included Velcro straps. The third side is for hanging triangles. You can easily hang one triangle on its side or two to three triangles side by side.


The TriPlate kit includes adjustable and removable suspension lines that securely fit into the small slots according to the size of the triangle. There are also keyhole slots that secure BSP Spectrum beaters even if the plate is tilted.


On all three sides of the TriPlate, there is a slot for MultiPlate accessory mounts. Mounts will quickly fit into the slot without having to remove the wingnut. Just slip the wingnut through the hole, slide the mount to your desired position and tighten. Knurled posts are currently included for mounting cowbells, jam blocks, or any other instrument that can attach to a 3/8" post.  Mounts for crotales, claves, guiros, and triggering a mounted triangle will soon be available.


The TriPlate comes with two Knurled Posts, Velcro Strapping, Triangle Suspension Lines, and a case to keep it all together.


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