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Black Swamp Symphonic SA1014MDD-CB 14x10” Maple Field Drum Duo Strainer, Black

Brand: Black Swamp


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The Black Swamp Symphonic SA1014MDD-CB 14x10” Maple Field Drum Duo Strainer, Black has a traditional field drum sound with modern design and classic look. Black Swamp Symphonic Field Drums produce the deep, rich sound that is expected by many musical styles and composers. A thinner shell with reinforcement rings produce a deep fundamental tone.

The SA1014MDT model drums features the SoundArt Duo Strainer, die-cast hoops, and a 5-ply maple shell with 5-ply reinforcement rings for a big, throaty sound...not just a tom with snares. BSP Trio strainer is made with precisely CNC machined and laser cut components. Others use die cast strainer parts which can't rival the accuracy of solid machining. Large tension knobs are easier to adjust because of the unique staggered design.

  • SoundArt Duo Strainer - The no-muss, no-fuss approach of the SoundArt strainer allows players to quickly establish a distinct orchestral sound.
  • Die-Cast Hoops
  • Shell- 5-ply maple shells
  • Reinforcement Rings -All Black Swamp Symphonic Field Drums come with 5-ply top and bottom reinforcement rings for extra strength and projection.
  • Modern tube lugs complete the classic look.              
  • Snares -Contrasting snare units are individually adjustable, to produce a wide dynamic range.

*Image shows Trio Snare System, actual drum features Duo Snare System.



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