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Black Swamp Multisonic MS6514MD-CR 6.5x14 Maple Snare Drum

Brand: Black Swamp


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The Black Swamp Multisonic Maple MS6514MD-CR 6.5x14 Snare Drum, Cherry Rosewood features an unmatched design, versatility and performance for the world’s most definitive orchestral drum. Simply and quietly switch from a delicate whisper to an aggressive roar within seconds, or experience every contrasting timbre in between. These drums feature a Brass Shell, Die-Cast hoops, and the Multisonic Strainer.


  • 10-Ply Maple Shell
  • Die-Cast Hoops
  • Multisonic Strainer - Five separate snare units can be activated individually, utilizing cable and wire snares for multiple timbre possibilities.               
  • Snares - Each snare unit responds at different volume levels for maximum response through every dynamic.
  • Snare Drum Bag and Key Included


Stock Snare Assembly

  • Gold Cable - The thickest cable type with a, throaty character, similar to traditional gut snares.  
  • Blue Cable - Responds best at medium to loud dynamic levels, providing both articulation and volume.                 
  • Stainless Cable - Responds best at soft to medium dynamic levels. The bright, wet character balances the drum's voice.
  • Wire Wound Cable - The crisp, bright character provides the greatest sensitivity and response at softer dynamics.                           
  • Curly Wire Cable - Curly wire provides sensitivity with a snappy timbre, different than the wire wound unit.


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