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Black Swamp Multisonic MS514BD 14x5" Beaded Brass Snare Drum

Brand: Black Swamp


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The Black Swamp Multisonic MS514BD 14x5" Beaded Brass Snare Drum is a commanding voice in your snare drum arsenal. It's bright and very sensitive, with a character that can cut through the thickest orchestral textures. However it still retains a measure of tone due to the thin wall and flanged bearing edges. Simply and quietly switch from a delicate whisper to an aggressive roar within seconds, or experience every contrasting timbre in between.

The BSP Multisonic is still the most advanced, versatile, and silent snare system of its kind in the world. Five separate snare units can be tensioned and activated in any combination to suit your musical situation, drum tuning, and performance space. Here are just three example snare configurations demonstrating the Multisonic's potential to fit in perfectly to your music. 5 different types of wire and cable mix together for unique timbres and the ultimate in versatility. We suggest combinations of 3, but experiment to find your own voice.


  • Brass Shell
  • Black Nickel Plated Finish
  • Die-Cast Hoops, Arch Lugs, Stainless Steel Tension Rods
  • Multisonic Strainer - Five separate snare units can be activated individually, utilizing cable and wire snares for multiple timbre possibilities.               
  • Snares - Each snare unit responds at different volume levels for maximum response through every dynamic.
  • Evans Strata Drum Heads
  • Includes Deluxe Padded Case, Drum Key, and Cleaning Cloth


Stock Snare Assembly

  • Gold Cable - The thickest cable type with a, throaty character, similar to traditional gut snares.  
  • Blue Cable - Responds best at medium to loud dynamic levels, providing both articulation and volume.                 
  • Stainless Cable - Responds best at soft to medium dynamic levels. The bright, wet character balances the drum's voice.
  • Wire Wound Cable - The crisp, bright character provides the greatest sensitivity and response at softer dynamics.                           
  • Curly Wire Cable - Curly wire provides sensitivity with a snappy timbre, different than the wire wound unit.



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Black Swamp Multisonic Concert Snare Drums (Black Swamp Multisonic MS514BD 5x14 Brass Snare Drum, Black)
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