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Black Swamp ArcPlate

Brand: Black Swamp


Item: #262111
Discontinued item - No longer available
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The ArcPlate is an arc shaped plate for mounting triangles. Its clever design allows for hanging multiple triangles, or for hanging a triangle by two points when you need to play complicated rhythmic passages with two beaters. The arc shape gives clearance to the beater stroke path. The versatility and functionality is inherent in the design, requiring no adjustment and no extra screws/nuts/bolts to lose. It is so compact it can even fit inside your BSP Triangle Gig Pack. The triangle beater holders are designed so that BSP Spectrum Beaters stay securely on the plate even at an extreme angle. Two slots are also on the plate for accessory mounts.


The ArcPlate comes with two Knurled Posts, Velcro Strapping, Triangle Suspension Lines, and a case to keep it all together.


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