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"This excellent new work for four-mallet marimba is perfect for an undergraduate recital, audition, or any situation where a short, flashy, musical piece is required and only a low-A instrument is available. The composer has done an outstanding job of combining the groove elements that work so well on marimba with short licks and octave sections that will really make an audience take notice. The piece moves along its entire 4 1/2 minutes at a tempo of 160 with few breaks for the performer, but it never lets up on the enjoyment factor. With only a few double lateral strokes, the performer primarily needs to be able to play double verticals, single alternating and single independent strokes at a fast tempo. The title is an Egyptian name meaning “beautiful soul,” and the piece was written for the composer’s friend Danny Hawkins. I encourage any advanced student of the marimba to purchase this piece and prepare it for a program." - Julia Gaines, Percussive Notes December 2008


Instrumentation: Marimba (4 1/3 octave)


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