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Adams *Demo* GC0-26 Concert Glockenspiel

Brand: Adams


MSRP: $3,390.00

Item: #D00664
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DEMO MODEL:  This instrument has been opened and typically used by an artist or group at a clinic or performance event (i.e. a State Educator show, or Industry Trade show booth.)  The instruments have not been previously owned, and with very few exceptions, are in original packaging.  All DEMO models instruments still carry the full manufacturer’s warranty - but at a lower cost to compensate for the limited usage.   All specifications and details are identical to the brand new versions. 


The Adams GCO-26 is a 2.6 Octave Orchestra Bells set w/ Tolex Case. Adams has designed the Concert Series orchestra bells with the same bars as the Artist Series, but with the materials and finishes needed by today's ensembles. Adams research and development has painstakingly matched the bar specifications of early 20th Century American "Round-Top Parsifal Bells" with modern design and materials.


Since the inception of Adams instrument production, intonation and clarity of pitch have been paramount considerations. Adams is the only company producing bars meticulously precision tuned though an incredible sixth overtone, using a specially designed proprietary computer assisted method. Each bar is hand tuned and adjusted by skilled craftsmen using this proprietary method.




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