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8" Crystal Singing Bowl

Brand: Percussion Source


MSRP: $190.00

Item: #200329
Sold Out! - No longer available

These singing bowls, made of silicon quartz, produce a rich singing tone when struck and an
especially present and pure tone when rubbed along the rim with the provided leather-covered mallet.   

It isn't designed for hard attacks or rough handling (like glass, the bowls are very fragile), but our
testers found it to be most impressive and just the thing to check out if you are looking for a
deep and mellow singing   bowl.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls have a distinct tone, but are not pitch specific by size.  Smaller bowls are generally higher in pitch.    

CRY8, 8" Bowl w/striker
CRY10, 10" Bowl w/striker
CRY12, 12" Bowl w/striker


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